Jerusalem Keratin Treatment 

Hair straightening system.



Prices start from $250 

Kerrin 0% Treatment

A more subtle approach to leave volume but tame frizz


Prices start from $250 











Kerrin Vega The Ultimate Hair Straightening System (coming soon)

Permanent results silky straight smooth hair 
not recommended if you are wanting volume


Prices start from $400 



The Aftercare Treatment


To ensure long-lasting results, the Jerusalem Keratin Aftercare Product range will maintain and enhance your keratin treatment.

For smooth, healthy, frizz-free and shiny hair, our specialised product line consists of:


Jerusalem Keratin Shampoo

Sulfate and sodium free shampoo combined with Jerusalem Keratin softens and straightens weakened hair, leaving hair shiny and frizz free


Jerusalem Keratin Silver Shampoo

This is not your ordinary product. By combining an ingredient called cystine, this shampoo neutralises strong yellow tones in artificially blonde, grey or silver hair, helping you maintain a beautiful cool colour, without harming your keratin treated hair. 


Jerusalem Keratin Conditioner

Jerusalem Keratin conditioner restores and maintains the moisture in your hair. Improving the texture and look as well as leaving it with a weightless shine. 


Jerusalem Keratin Moisturising Hair Mask

The Jerusalem Keratin Moisturising Hair Mask is formulated with more than 50% of our specially formulated keratin treatment. This product is perfect for damaged, over coloured and dry hair. Containing nourishing and hydrating ingredients, this treatment will leave your hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free.


Jerusalem Keratin Hair Oil

Our JK Hair Oil is a weightless product that penetrates the hair and protects it from UV and styling equipment but most importantly this oil will rejuvenate your hair.



When can I colour my hair? After or before my Keratin Treatment?

Colour should be done at least one week before or one week after your keratin treatment. Keratin will not strip colour.


When can I wet my hair after my Keratin Treatment?

Keratin must stay in the hair for 3 days without contact with water. Hair is allowed to be tied up.


Will swimming in chlorine or salt water affect my Keratin Treatment?

Swimming in chlorine is fine, however, saltwater needs some precautions in order for keratin to not be affected. Coat the hair with Pantene conditioner before entering salt water. The silicone in the conditioner coats the hair and protects it whilst in high levels of sodium.

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By Antonio Kozmas

Hair Straightening Specialist



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